Sep 12 2022

Packstation ohne mobile Daten?

Tag: WWWgoeszen @ 5:53 pm

DHL verpflichtet seine Kunden seit Mitte 2022 zur Benutzung der DHL Packstation App. Aber bedeutet das auch, dass man zum Abholen eines Paketes an der Packstation Zugang zum Internet haben muss. Oder? Hier gibt es die Antwort: Zum Abholen ist keine Internetverbindung nötig! Gehen wir mal davon aus, man ist mit dem Handy im heimischen […]

Jan 08 2018

WordPress correct permissions to enable (automatic / web-based) updating

Tag: WWWgoeszen @ 5:38 pm

In case you are presented with the manual / FTP update dialog when you want to update a WordPress installation via the web UI, and in case reading all the How-Tos on the web has gotten you nowhere, here's the important detail you might have overseen: As per these docs, WordPress determines what method it […]

Dec 16 2017

How to hide Photos section from Facebook Pages

Tag: WWWgoeszen @ 9:10 pm

So you opened a Facebook Page, for your band, your company, or yourself (you're a celebrity, right?). Well, one thing you may notice, and one thing you may find annoying is that regardless of what you post or do on your page, the "Photo Section", a box with a collection of all your latest photo […]

Jan 26 2017

WordPress redirects to login instead of post after commenting

Tag: WWWgoeszen @ 2:20 pm

This WordPress blog here ran into an issue recently which is related to the Subdomains Plugin. As you might have noticed, categories on this blog are branched out onto dedicated subdomains. And this is done via the a WP Plugin called Subdomains. After the last WP update, commenting suddenly stopped working (actually it might have […]

Oct 13 2016

Deutsche Post ANTWORT - Porto?

Tag: WWWgoeszen @ 1:38 pm

Portosparen leicht gemacht! Wenn ein Brief an den Absender zurück soll - oft ist das bei Versicherungen/Anfragen/o.ä. so, auch gern wenn eine Werbeantwort zurück geschickt wird - und der Absender hat einen Vordruck beigelegt der diesen Aufdruck hat: "Deutsche Post ANTWORT" - dann braucht man keine Briefmarke. Der Empfänger zahlt das Porto. Vorausgesetzt, man nimmt […]

Jul 04 2016

AdSense responsive ads ad units fail with error 400

Tag: Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 3:52 pm

So you've switched some website ad inventory/ property/ tag to using a "responsive ad" unit tag/format? And then you head over to the website and check if ads are served correctly. And the ad slot remains blank? No ads are serving? You already checked the Google console and it's doesn't show anything (helpful or at-all)? […]

Jan 19 2016

Configure WiFi access / password via QR code, how does it work?

Tag: Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 2:52 pm

If you've got an Android smartphone or device, it's quite probable that you've come in contact with a way of configuring WLAN access by scanning a QR code. WiFi password handshake via QR code is also quite common when your DSL router is a fritzbox - so you might know it from there. I don't […]

Nov 05 2015

HTML: How do you develop for retina displays?

Tag: Linux,multimedia,WWWgoeszen @ 11:23 am

Web images, HTML and high DPI displays - or, how do you develop, write HTML, for "retina" displays, displays with more than the usual 72 dots per inch (DPI)? Images on mobile device displays sometimes look blurry. That's because smartphone displays are, for example on a Samsung Galaxy, 360 pixels wide - but, here's the […]

Sep 04 2015

Three.js and webview

Tag: Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 2:15 pm

Recently, I did some development of a webapp which was using threejs for display of geometry in a WebGL view. The prototype worked great when I decided to move it into a cordova based webapp, to remove the need for a webserver, and make it self-contained, it stopped working. The surprise: what was working in […]

Jul 30 2015

Webcam abkleben, richtig gemacht

Tag: German,Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 7:19 pm

Wer möchte kann seine Webcam abkleben - das kann helfen, wenn man unter Paranoia leidet und sicher sein möchte, dass auch kein Flash Plugin oder anderer Software Fehler ermöglicht, dass jemand über das Internet auf die eigene Webcam zugreift und heimlich mitschaut, was man macht... Also, Post-It raus, zuschneiden und fertig:

Aug 30 2014

What's the difference between apple-touch-icon and apple-touch-icon-precomposed?

Tag: Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 9:33 pm

With apple-touch-icon vs. apple-touch-icon-precomposed, the difference is that apple-touch-icon is a square bland rendition of your logo or icon, without any shadows, rounded corners or glass effect applied - iOS will do that for you, in case it want to (looking at you iOS 7) - while apple-touch-icon-precomposed is the icon just as it will […]

Jul 10 2014

How to get Cookies working with CORS, jQuery and xhr AJAX

Tag: Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 12:16 pm

In one sentence: Make sure you have "third party cookies" enabled/allowed in your browser settings! I can't stress this more, I lost hours of bug hunting until I finally thought of this setting, which was the root of my problem. It was this Mozilla bug report which directed me into the right direction. It tells […]

Jun 24 2014

Help: My script is using jQuery and is not working under Scriptify!

Tag: Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 4:17 pm

I've encountered a strange error when I bundled a well-working Userscript with Scriptify into a Firefox Extension: The summary: this is not a Scriptify issue! The verbose explanation: My userscript was using the @require marker to use jQuery and it's matching engine to do some of it's magic. Problem was - as soon as my […]

Jun 24 2014

Where is the Scriptify help (or documentation)?

Tag: Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 4:09 pm

Just in case you haven't noticed: upon install, Scriptify will add a bookmark to your browser, pointing to the internal docs at: scriptify://locale/help/main.xhtml (Welcome to Scriptify)

Jun 24 2014

Scriptify to easily develop and bundle your Greasemonkey Add-Ons

Tag: Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 4:07 pm

Userscript are a great way to add functionality to your browser. And many people have Greasemonkey installed. But if you want to reach people without GM installed with your script, you need to wrap it up as a real, native, full-blown Browser Add-On, for example a Firefox extension, an .xpi file. The BabelExt framework, once […]

Aug 15 2013 down

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 2:16 pm

Aug 11 2013

Lavabit deactivation notice

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 2:18 pm

Aug 06 2013

Wikimedia Foundation error page

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 2:30 pm

Jul 23 2013

Geeksphone maintenance note

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 2:19 pm

Jul 22 2013

Ubuntu Forums taken offline after hacker attack

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 2:20 pm

Jul 11 2013

HTML5 video tag, How-to get video versions and "codecs" hints right

Tag: Linux,multimedia,WWWgoeszen @ 5:30 pm

Embedding Video natively into HTML is a dream come true, finally, with HTML5. But the video tag has it's own quirks. While Firefox mostly asks for ogg/theora video+audio and "just works", serving the right video to Apple+Safari users or users with Opera, IE, etc. on all sorts of hardware/devices gives us cause for new headaches […]

Jun 26 2013 offline for some maintenance

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 2:21 pm

Apr 29 2013

Pictures as life logging stream

Tag: Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 4:28 pm

When it comes to life-logging, I've already outlined how important it is from my point of view to make it *reasonably*. Even the CEO of Memoto, reminds us to keep it easy, so we don't invest more time in logging than in living. And that's important from the maker of a camera that takes pictures […]

Mar 16 2013

github's Unicorn error message

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 2:23 pm

Oct 19 2012

Facebook cover size is 851 x 315 pixels

Tag: Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 1:36 pm

Got that?! (In case you want to do one of these really creative timeline cover images...)  

Oct 18 2012

YouTube error 500

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 2:24 pm

Oct 06 2012's earth wallpapered maintenance mode note

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 2:25 pm

Sep 13 2012

Reasonable Life Logging

Tag: Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 9:30 pm

Life logging. Yes, I know. Some people tend to overdo it, but hey, there's an interesting concept here - easily capturing what you did, when, where and what you feel about it, if it was a good experience or a bad one, musings, etc. Most people using facebook kind of do it already. But there […]

Aug 19 2012 down

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 2:28 pm

Jul 03 2012 down

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 2:31 pm

May 02 2012

WP "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page"

Tag: Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 4:13 pm

Today, after I moved the database around on MySQL for one of my WordPress installs, I was suddenly greeted with this error after logging in: "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page." Following some of the guidance on the Codex' Login Trouble page brought no resolution, some even felt simple-minded, like deactivating […]

Feb 18 2012 down for maintenance

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 2:33 pm

Feb 04 2012 overloaded database servers

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 2:34 pm

Jan 30 2012

Pownce closed

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 2:37 pm

Jan 30 2012 down - "Frak!" - Jim Kirk to the rescue...

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 2:35 pm

Jan 13 2012

AdSense: No ads on my website

Tag: Linux,WWWtengo @ 7:01 am

Off-topic, but related, somewhat, to defunct websites: Help, my Google AdSense account is active, but the ad units placed on my site don't display ads! Hilfe, auf meiner Website werden keine AdSense Anzeigen eingeblendet, die Werbung wird nicht angezeigt! It's quite probable you knowingly or unknowingly violated Google AdSense program policies: AdSense program policies Google […]

Jan 02 2012 down

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 2:38 pm

May 18 2011

Google YouTube error 502

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 2:52 pm

Mar 11 2011

TimeOut magazine London down

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWgoeszen @ 2:40 pm

May 28 2010

Firefox’s “safe browsing” feature leaks information to Google

Tag: Linux,WWWtengo @ 5:53 am

As a privacy concerned person you might walk away from Google as your primary search engine. You just don't feel comfortable about how they store or keep your searching habits? You have switched to Linux as you regard it as more stable, more secure and more streamlined than other OSs? You promote the open-source movement […]

Jun 03 2009 down

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWtengo @ 10:56 am

Today, lucky visitors had the chance to see the maintenance crew of German nightlife and entertainment guide do their work:

Jan 31 2009 down, sort of…

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWtengo @ 4:07 pm

Today, the largest search engine in the world - Google - went down - well, sort of... Actually, due to human error, on all search results Google tagged the entries with "This site may harm your computer". The error appeared for about 40 minutes, was dicovered quickly and then removed. As in the official statement, […]

Jan 11 2009

Which search engines support sitemap.xml files?

Tag: Linux,WWWtengo @ 1:20 pm

Among the search-engines who officially support XML sitemaps according to the sitemaps.xml standard currently are: Google (related help blog post with details)ping url: Yahoo (related help)ping url: API subscriptionId required Ask/ IBM (related help)ping url: Live Search/ Microsoft's MSN related help)ping url: Yandex (related help)subscription required at More info can […]

Dec 04 2008 down due to db connection error

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWtengo @ 2:30 pm

Although this was only a temporary problem, wikimedia was down - due to a database connection error, see...

Oct 13 2008

Why is there no Gmail rival?

Tag: Linux,WWWtengo @ 9:39 am

Email is as old as the internet, but it needed Google to make it fun? Come on! I can't believe this. There is no real Gmail rival, not even a Gmail clone! The thing people like the most about gmail seems to be the ability to dynamically sort and search emails in an advanced way, […]

Sep 19 2008

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWtengo @ 10:08 am

Today, went down for a scheduled maintenance.

Jun 02 2008 down

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWtengo @ 4:17 am

the nicely designed and very useful TV listings service is from now on officially dead.

May 24 2008 down

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWtengo @ 6:34 am

not even the open source community is safe from errors or downtimes. This time the almighty error 500 struck, home of's first open source movie...

Apr 03 2008

Fixing broken links in WordPress after changing the permalink structure

Tag: Linux,WWWtengo @ 4:21 pm

After a fresh install of WordPress and the first posts you did to find your way around the admin panel and basic functionality of WP, some users start to fiddle with the knobs and begin to customise the appearance of their blog. While this is OK for the human reader of your blog, it might […]

Jan 23 2008 down

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWtengo @ 7:08 am

A subsidiary of the German OTTO Versand had some troubles, down.

Jan 13 2008 down

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWtengo @ 5:41 am

On January 13th, 2008 the image hosting service server was down.

Oct 26 2007

stage6 at down

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWtengo @ 7:07 am

One of the best social video sharing platforms on the net closed it door in October 2007.

Nov 27 2006

Google AdWords down

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWtengo @ 7:04 am

Aug 15 2006 down

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWtengo @ 7:03 am

youtube was growing and got issues. Down splash with the legandary explanation diagram.

Aug 15 2006 down, again…

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWtengo @ 4:02 am

on August 15th, 2006 was down... not the first time.

Jul 25 2006 down

Tag: Down,Linux,WWWtengo @ 4:04 am

on July 25th, 2006 the popular film content site broke down...

Apr 04 2005 down, third time

Tag: Downtengo @ 7:00 am

Mar 14 2005 down, again

Tag: Downtengo @ 6:59 am

Jun 05 2004 down

Tag: Downtengo @ 5:33 am

Apr 29 2004 down

Tag: Downtengo @ 5:31 am

this out time of German car sales platform netcar illustrates their troublesome past.

Apr 29 2004 down

Tag: Downtengo @ 5:30 am, a german car sales platform (now part of eBay's worldwide collection of companies) down on Arpil 29, 2004

Apr 19 2004 down

Tag: Downtengo @ 5:28 am

Early wikipedia outtime in 2004.

Dec 20 2003 down

Tag: Downtengo @ 5:26 am, Wikipedias predecessor went down due to server problems on 20th December 2003.

Nov 25 2003 server error

Tag: Downtengo @ 5:24 am

Googles farm of webservers produces a Error 500 (Server Error) on 25.11.2003

Oct 22 2003 down

Tag: Downtengo @ 5:23 am

open source developer hub sourceforge takes a break on October 22, 2003

May 16 2003 down

Tag: Downtengo @ 5:21 am

Jan 01 2003 down

Tag: Downtengo @ 3:15 pm

On January 1st 2003 the popular short film site is down for maintenance.